The Dean: In Detail
More Than A T-Shirt

This isn’t a journal post about a t-shirt, we promise. This is a journal post about the Dean. There’s a difference there.

Dean T Shirt Light Green Trail Stripe

The Perfect Fit
Made to be boxy with slightly dropped shoulders, the Dean tee is a shape we made way back when as a core Wax silhouette. We’ve worked up quite the collection now, having made twenty reiterations in two years, all with their own colour palettes, patterns and textural alterations.

They’re all made differently, but they fit all the same. And that’s something we’ll never change. Why would we? Have you seen them?

Organic Cotton Feels Good
We use different fabrics with different weights, treatments and textures each time – but they’re always, always cut from the same cloth, made from 100% organic cotton. This is not only better for you, but the environment and the farmers we work with too, reducing water pollution, biodiversity loss, reduced soil fertility and greenhouse gas emissions. The more the world goes organic, the more organic materials will be in demand – meaning so long, pesticides, water damage and pollution!

    Dean T Shirt Blue Acid Wash

    The Dean Is In The Detail
    The good news is, they’re not going anywhere. Made to make an outfit without saying a word, in classic James Dean style – we can’t see ourselves ever not making Dean t-shirts. They’re part of the Wax family now.

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