Integrity and Honesty is at our core

Wax London is a brand on a journey. We are determined to do the best by all of our stakeholders, from our customers, to the people working all along our supply chain and within our brand.

Our Integrity Initiative recognises our social and environmental responsibilities so that we can build an accountable brand in line with a defined set of values. We’re constantly learning, reviewing and enhancing our ways of working as new information and alternatives become available to us.

Transparency is crucial, so we’ll be updating our initiative to reflect developments in the world of sustainable materials and resource management as we continue our journey. We uphold stringent labour standards to ensure the welfare and well-being of people we directly employ and those who work in our supply chains. Knowing who makes our clothes and how they are valued in their roles is pivotal to our brand.

We want you to join us on this journey, so we have created icons that enable the Wax community to clearly understand how our products relate to each sustainable focus. The Wax team is striving to make the most responsible choices in the production of our collections, with people and the planet at the forefront.

Recycled Cotton

Repurposed from pre and post consumer cotton waste, we prefer recycled cotton as it diverts perfectly good fabric away from landfills and gives it a new life. It’s also less resource intensive – the production of recycled cotton uses less water than that used in the growth and manufacture of virgin cotton.

Organic Cotton

We choose our cotton based on industry best practice standards for farming and processing. It’s important to us that our cotton suppliers use minimal chemicals and water in order to reduce water contamination and to maximise longevity.

Certified organic cotton has been grown without pesticides and fertilisers, through a process that prioritises the preservation of biodiversity, biological cycles and soil wellbeing. We use cotton which falls into one of the following certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, Organic Cotton Standard 100 (OCS100) certification, or BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) where it is the best alternative to regular cotton.


With the introduction of our recycled and renewable FSC paper and cardboard, we’re reducing the impact of our packaging for the full range of shipping and labelling products. We’re always on the lookout for exciting advancements in sustainable packaging so that we can continue to improve in this area.

Recycled Polyester

By using recycled PET plastic (think plastic water bottles) that is turned into regenerated polyester out of post consumer waste, we are reducing water and energy consumption.

Sustainable Synthetics

Although we prefer to use natural fibres where possible, in order to achieve the perfect fit and texture of certain pieces, we rely on sustainable synthetic materials. Our Lyocell and Viscose fabrics come from suppliers that use sustainable wood from controlled sources. It’s also important to us that their manufacturing processes prioritise the minimisation of chemical, energy and water usage.

Low Impact Dyes

To give your Wax clothes the best colour vibrancy without causing environmental harm, it’s important to us that our materials uphold industry best practice for minimising the chemical impacts of our clothing production. We work with suppliers and mills with one or more of the following standards:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification – this applies to natural fibres
OEKO-TEX® – this certification is specific to chemical restrictions for finishing textiles
BLUESIGN® – this certification is specific to chemical inputs and finishing for synthetic fibres

Waste Management

Textile waste is rife in the fashion industry, as the production of garments often results in leftover fabric and trims. We actively look for opportunities with our suppliers to use fabrics that other brands have been ordered, but not utilised, to reduce the need for new materials.

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