Spring Suiting: Fit For All Occasions

We’re a small team at Wax, and we take pride in that. Family-run, everything we do is done with tender love and care. We like to take our time over things. Rather than chasing trends and fast fashion, we make staple pieces of clothing that will last you years and years – with the intention of becoming loved, cherished and an extension of you... Kind of like a family member of your own, in that sense.

It’s with this heartfelt precision that we create all of our clothing. Obsessively finessing over every single detail until we’re not just happy but beaming, with yet another staple silhouette that’s, in our eyes, perfect. Our latest addition is the Fintry blazer, made to pair with the Alp trouser in linen, our first ever suit!

Natural Suit

The Fintry Blazer
The Fintry, like a lot of our clothing, was a long time in the making, as we strove to make a jacket fit for all occasions. Half-lined for a relaxed, stripped-down feel, the Fintry can be worn morning to night. The memories you make are down to you, but your Fintry is sure to embellish them. Made from 100% linen and corozo nut buttons, it’s as comfortable as it looks.

  • Available in ecru and midnight
  • 100% linen
  • Corozo nut buttons
  • Lightweight

The Alp Trouser
Made from 100% linen with a lightweight GSM, the Alp trouser has a traditional slim fit designed for flexible styling. Dress them up, dress them down, at your leisure and pace. Pair with the Fintry for more formal occasions.

  • Available in ecru and midnight
  • 100% linen
  • Lightweight
Midnight Suit

100% Linen
We love using linen, not just because of the fabric’s breezy look and feel, but because it’s one of the most environmentally friendly materials going. Linen uses fewer pesticides than more traditionally grown fibers – which is perhaps unsurprising, considering it derives from the flax plant, an ingredient which is so pure, it’s used commonly in cooking. You know your fabrics are free from toxic chemicals when they’re good enough to eat! We choose European grown linen where high rainfall is abundant, so dew-retting is possible and our overall footprint is lighter.

Corozo Nut Buttons
We try to avoid using plastic as much as possible. Which is why all the buttons we use at Wax are made from corozo nuts instead. This not only makes them look a whole lot nicer, with that classic corozo nut ivory-like finish and texture, but they’re more durable too – meaning they’ll last forever and a day.

Made for coffee swilling early starts and late night meals of mischief. Get your all new Wax Spring ‘22 suiting here.

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