Wax Meets: Alfie Steiner

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Alfie Steiner, aka @alfiecooks_ is taking over our feeds with his art for making soups and dips so seductive. I know, we didn’t think they could be either. Alfie greeted us with a grin out the window “come on up guys!” and proceeded to make us the best caramelised hummus of our lives, whilst dishing on his success and radically growing his audience “I think it’s all about making food appealing. I get so many people telling me they didn’t know hummus can be sexy!”.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Alfie, of @alfiecooks_ and I'm a 24-year-old content and recipe creator. I make plant-based recipes. That's kind of what I do. I make dips, you might have seen a few of them. And now I’m making soups too.

You’re very kindly showing us how you make your famous dips, what are you whipping up today?

Today we're gonna be making a nice caramelized onion. We've got some stuff in the fridge, so that's what we're using as our starting point. For me, it all starts with what's in the fridge and what we’ve got, which I think is the best way to cook. I'll always try to salvage everything and not waste anything if I can.

So, you’re big on reducing food waste?

Yeah, completely. I hate food going to waste or throwing anything away so I always try and use everything. I actually started my “Take A Dip” series this way. There was a beetroot sitting in the bottom of the fridge just staring at me, and no one was eating it and it was about to be thrown out. I decided to try and turn it into something… I’m not the biggest fan of beetroot so I thought a dip would be the answer. I made a beetroot hummus, and put it on Instagram and suddenly it just took off. It was around the time of the Barbie film, and I think everyone just loved it. 

When I’m making my videos and writing recipes, I always say what I’m using but I urge people to use whatever they have in their cupboards or fridge if they can. So, rather than buying new ingredients they’re getting the best out of what they have. 

Why dips?

I love dips. They’re great for sharing and can be a side to a meal or start. I also think they’re a great way to get into cooking. They don’t take hours but it’s always impressive to others if you’ve made your own. Once you start, you can’t go back either. Fresh hummus is so much better than store-bought.

How did you get into cooking?

My dad is a great cook and has encouraged me to cook. I’ve always loved cooking... and eating! But I haven’t always been that good. I’ve definitely been learning as I go but I really love cooking for myself and my girlfriend.

Have you always been plant-based?

No, it started as a New Year’s resolution to eat less meat. I’ve always loved animals but disassociated when eating meat. Ask anyone, I was a big fan of meat and always love a burger. But since giving meat up, I felt really good and was enjoying cooking in new ways. When you don’t eat meat or substitutes, you make the plants work harder to taste good and it’s so delicious. Then, after a while, I decided to go fully plant-based and give up dairy and other animal products. And I’m really enjoying it!

You’re known for your dips, now it’s soup season. Tell us about this new series…

Yeah, so I love soups. I think they’re delicious and perfect at this time of year. As it’s getting colder and you’re thinking about getting cosy indoors and want something nourishing and warming, a good soup is the answer. I’ve made 10 soup recipes, including some classics and some of my favourites. I’m excited to see how it does, I hope everyone loves it as much as they did the dips. 

If you weren’t a content and recipe creator, what would be your dream?

Football. Apart from food and my girlfriend, football is the other big love of my life. I’m a huge fan and have always loved football. I don’t know what exactly, but it would have to be working in football in some capacity.

You’ve mentioned it a few times while we’ve chatted... Which team?

Can you guess? I grew up in North London…. (awkward pause)... I’m a Gooner. Huge Arsenal fan. 

Tom (Wax founder): Mate! Me too. There are a few of us in head office. Come on Gooners!

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