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As the weather heats up and festival season approaches, it's time to start thinking about your wardrobe choices for upcoming events. Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, the right outfit can make all the difference. Festival dressing can be tricky, with a fine line between looking good and feeling comfortable. But fear not, we'll share some of our tips and tricks for nailing the style, from bold statement looks to practical dressing that will carry you beyond the festival, all summer long.

No Such Thing As Too Much

Embrace the "more is more" mentality and let your creativity run wild. Our Jacquard co-ords are perfect for bold festival dressing and will have you standing out from the crowd. The key to more outlandish festival dressing is to embrace your individuality and express yourself with confidence. Festivals are a space where people come together to celebrate music, culture, and creativity, so there's no need to play it safe with your wardrobe choices.

Somewhere In The Middle

If going all-out isn't your thing, choose one standout piece to elevate your outfit and add a touch of personality. Our Didcot Shirts and Ikat Trousers are great options that can be dressed up or down. 

By choosing one accent piece, you can elevate a simple outfit and add a touch of personality to your look without feeling over the top. So, pick a piece that you love and let it do the talking for you at the festival!

Style For All Summer Long

If you're looking for pieces that can be worn beyond the festival season, we've got you covered there too. Opt for breathable fabrics like organic cotton or linen and loose-fitting clothing that will keep you cool in the heat. From our Didcot Shirts to Stripe T-shirts and Cargo Shorts, our edit features comfortable and practical pieces that still allow you to express your personal style and enjoy all summer events from one to the next with ease.

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