3 Ways to Wear Your Whiting

Whiting overshirts hanging on a brass rail

Not only is the Whiting Overshirt a signature to Wax, but we believe it is a signature piece to any wardrobe. Don’t agree with us? Well, allow us a moment to divulge why this is such a standout item, and the different ways you can wear it.

So we may have already mentioned this, but firstly the Whiting Overshirt is named after Tom (our co-founder)’s grandfather, so you can understand the sentimental value it holds for us as a brand. It is representative of one of our brand values; family. It is with the same amount of love and care that we create each and every garment. The idea of family runs through everything we do; from design, to production, to fit (because we all know that one sibling or close friend is likely to steal your favourite t-shirt).

Wax London founder Tom's family wearing Whiting Overshirts in a garden setting

Made from recycled cotton; the Whiting Overshirt is more environmentally friendly. This is because the production of recycled cotton requires fewer chemicals, water and energy than conventional or organic cotton. And when it comes to dyeing, there’s often no need – since old fabrics are sorted by colour as part of the recycling process. So instead, we thread together old threads to get a rich hue and pattern and create a strong and lasting piece.

The Whiting Overshirt is not only a meaningful piece to us with all that it symbolises, but it is also such a versatile piece; there are multiple different ways you can wear it.

1. As a shirt..
Shirt by name, shirt by design.. That’s right, it may sound simple, but you can indeed wear the Whiting Overshirt as a thick and cosy shirt. Designed with a collar, two front patch pockets and cuffs this shirt is practical as well as comfortable. Simply pull on with our Kurt trousers, or favourite jeans on those colder days. Or over a dean t-shirt for extra warmth.

2. As an underlayer..
Ok, now this may seem surprising but the Whiting Overshirt is also a great underlayer on those really cold days. Wear over a Hayden, and underneath a rain coat when the weather gets wet, or under a heavier winter coat when it’s freezing. It’s not too bulky, because there’s nothing worse than feeling like a Michelin man with all your layers on in the winter.

3. As a jacket..
And of course, the third way to wear the Whiting Overshirt, is as a jacket. The perfect layer for those in-between season moments, or as you’re heading out of the door and know you’ll need a layer later? Just grab it and go, without a second thought. Wear over your favourite Dean or Hayden tee and with Kurt trousers.

Wax London Whiting Shirt in Marine Beatnik worn by model on location in East London

Whiting Overshirt Marine Beatnik

We love to see how you all style and wear the Whiting Overshirt, use #wearingwax so we can see and share your looks when you post.

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