Whitings: In Focus

A lot’s changed since we made our first Whiting overshirt five years ago, but our core values have very much stayed the same. Celebrating quality, togetherness and all of our tomorrows, the Whiting overshirt was made to last. In style, in durability and out of pure love. We wouldn’t put our name on it otherwise.

Fondly named after Wax co-founder Tom’s grandad, our overshirts are part of our DNA. And it’s with this same level of heartfelt care that we make each new Whitings release – with responsibly sourced fabrics and buttons. Pit-to-pit, cuff-to-cuff and head-to-toe, we select all the materials we use with meticulous finesse. We refer to it as our key hero piece for a reason. Here’s a deep dive into what makes up each one.

Friendly Fabrics

We like to use a mixture of organic and recycled cotton when we can – in order to reduce the amount of chemicals, water and energy used in the making. And when it comes to our suppliers, we work solely with people we respect and trust, which helps us ensure all global standards are met.

Family-run, like us, we work with the check fabric mill we do for a reason. Because, despite the fact they’ve been going since 1830, they couldn’t be more future-facing if they tried. Exacting to every degree, they’re light on their feet. On a mission to reduce their footprint, step by step.

Right on the button: go nuts

Buttons might sound like a bit of a beige subject matter – and, generally speaking, you’d be right. But did you know we exclusively use corozo nuts for ours, instead of easy to produce plastic? Sadly inedible but gladly durable, the word ‘corozo’ originally derives from ‘elephant’ – in reference to the plant’s ivory-like look, strength and feel. Which is better for you and better for the environment. But we’re definitely not done yet.

Tomorrow… Starting now

Can’t sit still, won’t sit still. There’s always so much more we can do – which is one of the key secrets to our success when it comes to constantly outdoing ourselves. It’s this kind of transparency that’s needed to turn small ripples into great waves – raising the bar, so the rest of the fashion industry follows suit – slowly, slowly, but surely.

Stand for what you believe in in a Whiting of your own. We’re always updating the collection, with new compositions, patterns and colourways. See what’s new below. 

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