The Wax Core Collection: A Fabric Guide

The Wax Core Collection: A Fabric Guide

Here at Wax, it all starts with the fabric. Using the right fabric determines the shape, fit, design, look and even lifetime of the garment. We are aware that the right piece of clothing can do a lot, from lift your mood, to boost your confidence, to improving how your day goes, to the world, so it’s important to us that we get it right.

That’s why we try our hardest to use organic or recycled cotton over regular cotton, recycled polyester and so on. All of our products are made with integrity at the forefront of our minds, from the design process to the finished product.

Condo Coat

The Condo Coat, inspired by our favourite artist, George Condo, is made from a weighty 410gsm melton wool blend to keep you warm. All production processes from spinning, to weaving, to finishing, for this coat are based in Prato, Italy (the centre of Italy’s textile production!). The producers in Prato that we work with, have recognised the value of wool and been recycling it into beautiful new fabrics since the mid-19th century. Raw materials are carefully chosen and separated by colour, so dyeing is not needed which reduces the environmental impact of this fabric.


Our staple jersey pieces like the Reid and Dean t-shirts are made from combed organic cotton. Combed cotton is made using a longer fibre length which results in higher quality and a more durable item. This is because organic cotton farming takes a more natural approach in method, rather than using harsh pesticides and chemicals for pest control, organic farming uses crop rotation. As well as this organic cotton uses less water, and lastly organic cotton farming acts as a carbon sink. (Click here for more in depth information on organic cotton).

The Dean T-shirts are made from a heavier weight 240gm single jersey made from combed cotton to give a more premium, elevated feel. Whereas the Reid T-shirts are made from a mediumweight 180gsm single jersey made from combed cotton. Both styles are garment washed to make them feel soft from your first wear.

All of our organic cotton Dean and Reid T-shirts are OCS organic cotton certified.

Polo Shirts

The yarns in our polos are all the same, but the knit is different each time to give you a whole new look and pattern. Knitting allows for a great deal of creativity as you can manipulate the number of yarns you knit at one time, play with the gauge and pass the yarns across needles to create pleasing ribs of complex patterns. Like all of our knitwear the Naples and Oban are knit to shape, which means each panel is knitted individually and linked together and made from a cotton blend with minimal nylon and elastane to help retain the shape of the garment.

Kurt Trousers

Next up in our Wax Core Collection, are the Kurt Trousers, these are made from a durable, heavyweight 440gsm organic cotton twill. The fabric for all of our cotton twill Kurts is made in a factory that recycles its water and generates solar power to keep its consumption and environmental footprint as minimal as possible. Lower impact garment dyeing (achieved through Jeanologica technology) is used to perfect the various colours of our core Kurt Trousers. Water, energy and chemical consumption is measured, as well as worker health and together achieve the ‘low impact score’ on the Environmental & Impact Managing scoring. To work this out, water, energy and chemical consumption is measured as well as worker health. The factory is then scored by the EIM platform.

All of our organic cotton twill Kurt Trousers are OCS organic cotton certified.


We’ve made our sweats collection as environmentally friendly as possible, from shorts, to hoodies, to sweatshirts and sweat pants. All of our sweats are made from a medium weight 350gsm loopback organic cotton, the loops on the back trap air to keep you warm and they are all garment washed to feel soft from your first wear.

All of our sweats range are made using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton.

Whiting Overshirt

The Whiting Overshirt in check is a signature fabric for us at Wax. The Whiting Overshirt was one of the first pieces we ever made and it is a firm favourite in our HQ. The fabric for the check Whiting Overshirts is all woven in a small factory in France that we have worked with since the very beginning (over seven years ago!). This fabric is a large-scale twill check in a variety of colour combinations and all of the yarns are made from recycled cotton (and in some cases they contain recycled polyester - because of the nature of this fabric the fibre composition can vary very slightly on every colourway).

The Whiting Overshirts are made from a durable heavyweight recycled cotton which is GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified.