SS24 Drop One:
"Come Together"

Posted on: February 22, 2024 – Words by

We proudly present our SS24 Drop One Collection with hero campaign “Come Together”, a tongue in cheek portrayal of craft and creativity. At Wax, we are always fabric first, from thought to thread. The character and identity of the clothes are the foundations on which our brand is built. Based in London, we are inspired by the patchwork of culture and ideas in the city.

The campaign is a surreal depiction of how the clothes “Come Together”. An acerbic tale of wit and craft. We see brand founder Tom swiping fabrics from their place, coalescing in a workshop surrounded by the collection. Embroidery, Pointelle, Crochet, Seersucker and Linen in light pastel tones take centre stage throughout while punchy statements of reds and blues punctuate the collection.