Pack A Punch In Patchwork

Patchwork Denim

This season we have reimagined our signature pieces; the Kurt and the Chet Jacket in patchwork denim, made from different indigo patches, using cool new technology.

An ode to patchwork, and denim
Denim is a wardrobe staple. There is simply no denying it. What’s more, you can never have too much denim. Denim jacket? Essential. Jeans? Essential. Denim trousers? Essential. New denim styles? Essential!

So why is denim so great? Well firstly it’s easy to wear, and always appropriate (yes, yes, unless otherwise specified - like at work.. Maybe it’s not appropriate at work). It’s comfortable, so you know that whatever is thrown at you, will be done with ease. But also, it’s classic. Denim never goes out of style, and when made well, it also ages well. Meaning that you know when you buy it, you’ll be wearing it for years to come.

Not just a pretty face…
Let’s talk sustainability for a second. The Patchwork Co-ord scores quite highly, now allow us a moment to explain why… It’s made from organic cotton. We prefer to use organic cotton, as it’s better for you, our farmers and the environment. This is because organic farming restricts the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which are linked to water pollution, biodiversity loss, reduced soil fertility, and greenhouse gas emissions. So, when we choose to support organic farming, we’re also combating climate change and encouraging better health amongst cotton growers. 

As well as this the patchwork effect is made using new laser technologies which are helping us reduce the environmental impact of our previously water and energy heavy denim products. Our new laser technology is not only reducing the environmental impact of our denim, but it is more precise (allowing us more creativity) and harm-free for workers.  The laser is used in this instance to give the denim different washes and therefore creates the patchwork effect.

Ways to wear…
Whether you’re buying the set together, or splitting them up and only getting one (which one do you choose?) there are so many different ways to wear each piece.

First up: together.
If you’re headed to a fun event, or want to dress to impress, why not keep the band together and wear them with a plain Dean t-shirt for a casual look with a wax twist.

Chet Jacket Indigo Patchwork, Kurt Trouser Indigo Patchwork

Secondly: Just the jacket.
A good jacket can really make an outfit. After all, it can cover a lot of your outfit up.. So make sure it really matters. Why not style the Chet jacket in Indigo Patchwork Denim with our Ari trousers and a classic Dean T-shirt or Grove knit. Simple, yet brilliant.

Chet Jacket Indigo Patchwork

Lastly: Just the Kurts.
If you like a patterned, or statement yet subtle trousers, then you’ll love the Kurts in Patchwork Indigo Denim. Now this last one may be obvious, but why not wear the Kurts on their own? Simply wear with Oban Polo Knit or a Hayden t-shirt for a more dressed down look.

Kurt Trouser Indigo Patchwork

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