In Praise of Patterns

Model wears Wax London Jacquard Chase Jacket

At Wax HQ we love a pattern, and are firm believers in the power of a pattern. They can even brighten up your day. When worn right, a pattern, or two, or three, can transform an outfit and the wearer into an icon.

Our AW22 collection has a range of patterns to choose from and in all different fabrics. From subtle Navy Jacquards to bolder Leopard prints, and more.  Each pattern is unique in design and production, and the Jacquards are perhaps one of our favourites.

Wax London Jacquard Kurt Trousers and Chase Jacket folded on a chair

Chase Jacket Navy Seaton, Kurt Trouser Navy Seaton

How our Jacquard is made

The Chase and Kurt Trousers in Jacquard Leopard and Navy Seaton are made from french jacquard fabric. The base of this fabric is a cotton blend which is then woven using a Jacquard loom to create the patterns in both leopard and tapestry. This means the pattern is woven into the fabric, rather than printed on to it, and as a result the pieces made using this method have a different texture, and more depth to both of the patterns.

Close up of a Jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric is also very durable, but ours is not too heavy-weight. This is because rather than using a wool based thread, we have used recycled cotton. The production of recycled cotton requires fewer chemicals, water and energy than conventional or organic cotton, as the threads have often already undergone these processes. Model wears Jacquard outfit in London

Chase Jacket Black/Khaki, Kurt Trouser Black/Khaki

Rather than dyeing the fabrics, our expert spinners blend old materials with some new to strengthen and create the rich tones seen in the products. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure the recycled cotton meets the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or the Recycled Content Standard (RCS).

Patterned knitted Wax London clothing hanging on a brass rail

Wes Vest Khaki Garden, Wes Vest Black Garden, Schill Cardigan Moss Garden, Schill Cardigan Black Garden

3 Ways to style our patterned pieces

Model wearing Jacquard outfit

First up… pattern on pattern. For a more fashion-forward look, why not go the whole hog and wear the matching Chase Jacket and Kurt trousers in Leopard Jacquard? Or if you’re after a more subtle but still eye-catching look, the Chase Jacket and Kurt Trousers in Navy Seaton paired with a black Dean t-shirt.

Model wears knitted patterned vest and striped long sleeve t-shirt

Ok maybe you’re after a less patterned look, but you still want to mix and match. Well, look no further. We style our Hayden T-shirt in Navy/Ecru Stripes with the Wes Vest in Black and Kurt Trousers. We think this is a middle ground for patterned dressing, less bold, but still catches the eye.

Model wears printed floral short in muted tones

Lastly, maybe you’re less inclined for mix and match prints and patterns, and more of a one pattern person. Well in that case, a patterned shirt can do no wrong. Why not try the Oz Shirt in Poppy and pair with our Kurt Trousers in a neutral colour?

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