Behind Your Clothes: Introducing Abraham Moon & Sons

Moon and Sons Mill

We’ve given an insight into the workings at Chottani Industries, one of our suppliers who is using cutting edge technology to produce your clothes more sustainably. So, this week we’re taking you behind your Eden scarves and Elland Jacket. Moon is the wool mill we use, and they have 180 years experience and counting. Not only is Moon sustainable in its production, but it is also based in Yorkshire, reducing each of the products carbon footprint.

Natural Lambs Wool at Moon and Sons

Who are Abraham Moon & Sons?
If you didn’t know, the fabric for a lot of our wool products comes from Abraham Moon & Sons (a.k.a “Moon”). Abraham Moon & Sons are one of Britain’s last remaining vertical mills. They were founded in 1837 and are still fully in operation today, based at their site in Guiseley. Not only does this mean that the mill and the team have 180 years of experience and honing of their skills, but as a vertical mill they complete all the processes, from dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing, at their single site in Guiseley.

The Eden Scarf

Left: Eden Scarf Multi Right: Elland Jacket

Why do we work with them?
So, why exactly do we work with Moon? Well, firstly animal welfare is a top priority for us, and it is for them too. The merino lambswool for our Eden scarves is all from proven sources in South Africa and mulesing free. Moon respect animal freedoms. Their international network of wool growers are regularly audited by an external body under a number of criteria, including land management, animal welfare and social impact. Not to mention that wool is a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. The benefits of wool are multiple, it is durable, breathable, natural, renewable, warm, and can be recycled. And then, when combined with Moon’s commitment to zero waste and renewable energy sources, this helps for moons to create a product of the highest ethical quality.

The Eden Scarf

This is all great, but do Moons have a longer term plan?
On top of this, Moon are moving towards Zero Waste model, by capturing and reusing their loose fibres from carding or spinning processes, recycling the selvedge into insulation or carpeting underlay. 10% of their total energy usage is powered by solar energy, which is used to power the warehouse and finishing departments. Within their factory, based in Yorkshire, the Moon team are taking steps to becoming more sustainable there too. For example, all plastic yarn cones and polythene bags are all recycled internally.

Factory Icon

Vertical mill:
Moon is one of the last remaining vertical mills in Britain. This means that they complete all the processes, from dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing, at their single site in Guiseley.

Animal Welfare Icon

Animal freedom:
All of Moon’s wool growers respect the five animal freedoms. These are freedom from hunger, freedom from discomfort, freedom from fear and distress, freedom from pain and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour. All wool from Moon is mulesing free.

Solar Power Icon

Energy sources:
At Moon, they have installed solar panels and parts of the mill are completely powered by solar energy. Any left over energy is then sold back to the national grid to help others use green energy too.