Honesty has always been at the core of what we do, and with that in mind we are proud to introduce our Integrity Initiative. We have looked at our supply chain and identified 10 key sustainable principles. Then from the concept stage we have designed and created the range with these principles in mind. The symbols and the relevant integrity principles that these apply to can be seen below. We’re not perfect, and this is just the first step in a larger story for us. This is phase 1 in our commitment to giving back, and we are excited to share more over the coming seasons.

Made in london

London is where we started, and we continue to support manufacturing close to home.


Our Tencel and Viscose fabrics are from suppliers using sustainable wood from controlled sources, and whose manufacturing processes minimise chemical, energy and water use.

Clean Energy (transport)

We use the most energy efficient transport available in the movement of raw products and finished goods.


Our design team ensure that we creatively re use all of our left over fabrics and trims as part of our drive to reduce waste and limit our impact as a brand.

Clean Energy

Our mills buy all their energy from a company which is committed to a process of continuous improvement in the field of ecology.

Water Management

Our mills recycle water used throughout the process of finishing fabrics to limit the amount of new water needed to produce fabrics.

Recycled Yarns

Made from either pre or post consumer waste fabrics or plastics that would otherwise go to landfill. The process differs by fabric type saves incredible amounts of water, chemicals, energy and CO2.

Waste Management

With the support of our factory partners we ensure that all waist is disposed of in a safe and environmental way.

Organic Yarns

Our organic products are made from farming and production methods without the use of genetically modified seeds and never sprayed with chemical herbicides or pesticides, and all GOTS approved.

Organic Dyes

Our organic dyed products are dyed using GOTS approved techniques and bases.