Home Or Away - How To Dress For A Heatwave

Didcot Stripe & Grande Polo

(left) Didcot Shirt Rust/Ecru Stretch StripeHalton Shorts Khaki Cotton Twill, (right) Grande Polo EcruNoden Swim Shorts Khaki Watercolour Floral Seersucker

Whether you’re heading to the office, to the park to meet friends, or to the beach on the Mediterranean coast, getting dressed in the heat can be hard. There is no denying it. But, look no further, we’ve got all the inspiration, ideas and tips you might need to make it through this summer in style.

First up: Shorts

No matter how you feel about your legs, it’s time to get them out. If only for the sake of keeping yourself cool. If you’re off to the office, our Halton shorts with drawstring waistband are perfect for keeping you appropriate, both in terms of body temperature, and office wardrobe for those long balmy days in the office.

T-shirt and shorts

Didcot Shirt Navy/Ecru Crinkle StripeHalton Shorts Black Cotton Twill

If you’re playing some form of sport, and going to the park with good intentions and a cooler of drinks totally counts, then our Sweat shorts will become your summer favourites. Casual in style, made from organic cotton, and designed with a ‘washed’ look, they’re the ultimate easy dressing piece. And what's more you can just throw on a jumper for when the sun goes down and you’re still there kicking a ball about.

For those headed to the beach, or pool, our Noden swim shorts are the perfect all-day piece. With a net lining and pockets, they can be worn as boardshorts in between seaside dips and carry all the essentials and limited packing space dream! Because, have you tried packing for a week long holiday on hand luggage? It’s a sartorial sacrifice no one should be forced to endure. So, we’ve found the way around it.

Noden Swim Shorts

(left) Zen Oversized Sweat EcruNoden Swim Shorts Red/Blue Floral Seersucker, (right) Didcot Shirt Red/Blue Floral

We recommend pairing your Noden swim shorts with the matching short sleeve shirt (Didcot) for those beach parties, festival days, or just to impress that certain someone. And what’s better, this combination gives you at least three outfits from two items while on holiday. If that’s not efficient shopping-to-packing planning then we don’t know what is. Wear the shorts and shirt together, wear the shorts as swim shorts at the beach with your favourite sunglasses, wear the Nodens as board shorts with a t-shirt to the park with friends, or wear the shirt separately with your favourite shorts. The list goes on. Need we say more…

Next up: Layers.

Thought they were for Winter? Well, you thought wrong my friend. Layers are perfect for those summer days where you’re not quite sure how hot it will be, how long you’ll be out, and most importantly how to stop the inevitable sunburn. Not to mention that working with layers makes for excellent packing; you can get multiple outfits from just a few items of clothing. Just switch them around each day for all sorts of outfit combinations you’ll love. We love a two-for-one, don’t you?

Layering didcot and t-shirt

Kurt Trouser Stone Heavy TwillGrande Polo MidnightKurt Trouser Dark Sand Heavy Twill

Layer a short sleeve shirt over a vest or t-shirt for an easy breezy, sun protected look. Keep it undone to maximise cooling potential; we can’t explain the physics behind it, we just know this works. When the sun goes down and you need something a little heavier on your back to keep you warm, our Polo shirts are the perfect combination of light and cosy. For a more relaxed fit, the Grande is perfect, and for a sleeker look (think Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley) the Naples will fast become your go-to.

T-shirt and shorts

(left) Dean T Shirt EcruHalton Shorts Black Cotton Twill, (right) Didcot Shirt Navy/Ecru Crinkle Stripe

Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt and shorts. Perfect for any adventure in the sun, whether that be on holiday, or at home… or simply heading to the office. And for when the weather cools off, simply grab your Whiting Overshirt to keep you warm, and looking cool at the same time.

Whiting Overshirt

(left) Whiting Overshirt Marine BeatnikHalton Shorts Black Cotton Twill, (right) Whiting Overshirt Rust Ombre Check

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