Everyday Elevated

Wax is a London-based family label established in 2015, inspired by the places, faces and stories that surround us. Keeping sustainability at our core, our clothing is made with carefully sourced materials, designed to be worn and reworn, time and time again. Here to celebrate and elevate the everyday.

Wax : Future Focused

We don’t claim to be perfect, and we never will. We are fuelled by never being good enough. Constantly looking for new ways to improve, we are hellbent on reducing our footprint, step by step – which is what’s been keeping us at the forefront of sustainable design since starting out.

For the people, for the planet. We’re a label for everyone, created with community, culture and inclusivity in mind. With a finger on the pulse, our starting line is: tomorrow.

Family: It’s In Our DNA

One of our core values at Wax London is the idea of family. We even named our signature Whiting overshirt after co-founder Tom’s grandad. It’s with this same amount of love and care that we create each and every garment – from the textures and organic fibres used right down to how we treat our customers. Timeless in style, timeless in durability, our garments are made with an emphasis on quality.

Born in London, as an ode to London, it’s our home that inspired our inception: an ever-shifting magnet for culture and diversity, an open-ended ticket to travel the world borough by borough. It’s the people that make our city, and we design our clothes to reflect that – on a mission to unite and elevate the everyday – day in, day out.