Wax London X Harris Tweed, Where tradition and modernity meet…


Tradition and modernity meet in our latest partnership with Harris Tweed, a heritage institution we have all grown to love. The coming together of two very different brands has never felt so comfortable. Though founded centuries apart, our values of craftsmanship, quality and care remain the same, which make this a very natural relationship. When we first started thinking about fabric for our new collection of outerwear, we asked ourselves, who shares the same ethics and approach to manufacturing as we do. The answer is, very few.

All Wax outerwear is produced in North East London, which holds a long tradition of outerwear production we are proud to support. We use sustainably sourced fabrics, we keep production and sampling close to home, keep shipping to a minimum and support our local skilled workers in what some see as a dying craft. Harris Tweed, share these sensibilities and more.

When it comes to their unrivalled level of expertise, their unique weaving process and the geographical specificity of what constitutes Harris Tweed (Harris Tweed must be handwoven by its islanders on Lewis and Harris – that is a law!). The commitment shown to its’ workers is plain to see, with third and fourth generation weavers following their parents’ footsteps into the business. Something we here at Wax hope to create with our legacy too.