The WAX Guide to Christmas


A Survival Guide to Silly Season

Because we’ve all had more festive hangovers than you can shake a cinnamon stick at, we asked some of our most seasoned and savvy customers for their top tips to surviving silly season. This is our cheat sheet to conquering Christmas, one hangover at a time!

The Top Cheat

Assuming most of us don’t have access to an intravenous drip, Dioralyte is going to be your best friend this Christmas! The slightly sickly blackcurrant flavoured powder is the perfect solution to drink before bed to rehydrate overnight. Available at all good pharmacists so stock up!

The Old Classic

An oldie but a goodie; the doctor’s appointment. Schedule your quarterly check-up conveniently the day after a big night, and let it be known this was in the diary for some time. Any risk of getting caught is off-set by a luxurious lie-in!

The Decoy

Never did a man look better than after a wet shave, lose the stubble and dazzle your colleagues whilst you slowly crawl inside yourself and wilt.

The Digital Footprint

Leave no trace! It’s always tempting to get snap-happy on a night out, but careful what you post, as it will come back to bite you in the proverbial.

The Stalwart

Berocca. The go-to of hangover cures, but remember, you only need half a tablet as your body won’t physically absorb that many vitamins in one go!

The Surrender

And if all else fails, just pick up where you left off last night!



WAX London takes no responsibility in any consequent inebriation, tardiness or dismissal.

T’is the season to be jolly, but do so responsibly!

Happy Holidays from all the team at WAX.