The Sopranos


There’s the family you’re given and the family you choose…

We think it’s the relationship between both that makes life interesting (especially in the Sopranos).

There’s the clash of dialogue with explosive characters… but moreover, a definitive style guide that defines an era so very well. We love the face-off between tailoring and tracksuits that juxtapose on every street corner – and it’s here that we started our journey.

Tracksuits and Tailoring

Suiting and sportswear combined often raises an eyebrow, but it’s executed very naturally in the show. It gave us confidence to explore this in our own way. We took reclaimed luxury Italian fabrics and gave them new life in our signature relaxed workwear. We discovered new fabrics too, one of them being the Italian Cupra, an ultra-soft drapey cloth that hangs effortlessly off the body, whatever your shape. These combined with more flamboyant jacquard fabrics that nod to the bolder side of Italian style create a comfortable friction between performance and luxury.


There’s loyalty between blood and there’s loyalty between friends, but you never know which way it’s going to flow in this show. The twists and turns of the plot jump from the screen to the wardrobe offering up surprising styling, iconic looks and a vibe you simply can’t copy. And we wouldn’t dare.

But the Wax SS20 collection strikes a unique balance between luxury and performance – a place we now feel very comfortable with.

As always, the collection upholds our core values of sustainable sourcing and responsible production that informs key decision making every step of the way, reinforcing our view, that you can always do good whilst looking good. That’s just the way it has to be.