The Inspiration Behind Our SS21 Collection


In the lead up to the launch of our SS21 collection, we sat down with our Creative Director and Co-Founder of Wax, Steffy Neceva, to share more about the collection.

Each season, Steffy and the team start with a core theme as their inspiration, and build out a range of garments from there. This theme can be seen throughout the collection in the colour scheme, fabrics and those little design details that make each piece special.

Read on to learn more about Steffy’s favourite pieces, how we’re considering sustainability across every aspect of the collection, and the playlist that was on repeat during the making of the SS21 collection.

What was the starting point of inspiration for this collection?

We designed this collection in January 2020, so we were feeling inspired (daydreaming, really) by Italian summers, the coastline of Capri, Napolitan pizza, sun bleached fabrics and prints, drinking Negronis at sunset, eating pasta everyday for two weeks straight and swimming in the Mediterranean sea… heaven!

We listened to a playlist called La Dolce Vita on repeat while we designed and chose the fabrics, which included classics by Sophia Loren and Peppino di Capri. It kept us in the spirit of the collection during a cold, grey January in London!

How does the inspiration for the collection translate through this season’s designs?

There are lots of references to our Italian summer theme throughout the collection. From the sun-bleached muted tones of our colour scheme, to the floral and salmon/fire/wave prints that we used on our swim shorts and short sleeves shirts. The camp collar on our short sleeve shirts are a nod to a classic 1950’s summer silhouette.

What aspects of the Integrity initiative have been considered in this collection?

All our jerseys are made from organic cotton, which is a great achievement for us. We are also using Lyocell, a cloth that is very breathable, soft, light and drapey to the touch. It’s actually made of wood pulp harvested from Eucalyptus trees which grow very fast, don’t require any harmful pesticides, and because they are harvested it means no deforestation. Lyocell is a fabric that needs less water in the manufacturing process, so it’s better for the environment than cotton.

We also avoid using plastic buttons by opting for ones made out of a nut called Corozo nut. Elsewhere in the collection, our Monet short sleeve shirt, a floral printed shirt inspired by its namesake artist, is printed responsible on GOTs certified cotton in France.

All the fabrics for our Whiting overshirts are made by a mill in France which has a longstanding dedication to using green energy, reducing water and recycling fibres in production.

How does the integrity initiative influence the way you design each collection?

It informs everything from the way we choose suppliers and their fabrics, to trims and everything in between! It is a constant effort and it is not always easy, but we are seeing a positive change. We’re on a mission with our suppliers, who also want to make a difference to the world, and that’s what keeps us motivated and excited about this journey.

Do you have any favourite pieces that stand out in this collection?

There are too many to choose from! I love the lightweight, breezy short sleeve shirt with the floral print, which comes in black and in a light sage. The fabric is made in France and the shirt is stitched in Portugal, so it’s European through and through!

I’m a big fan of our signature Whiting over shirt in a heavy cotton cloth, a fabric which is also woven in France. I also love our new Brick trouser in linen, an amazing summer fabric which is substantial yet airy. Perfect material for longer trousers in warm weather.

Explore and shop our latest SS21 collection in the link below now – we hope you love it as much as we do!