Daniel Nørregaard


Spotted by Steffy on a platform at Highbury & Islington station, Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregard was street casted by Wax London on account of his striking look. Believing that she was casting the net far and wide, we were reminded that everyone really is connected by six degrees of separation when Steffy and Daniel found they had mutual friends in her home city Gothenburg. Born in South Korea, growing up in Denmark and now residing in London, Daniel is no stranger to travelling the world. That paired with an innate style and an overt desire to soak up his surroundings, means he unequivocally resonates with Wax London.

When did you move from Korea to Denmark?
I was adopted from South Korea when I was 3 months old – I’m born in September ’86, so I came just before Christmas actually.

So you live in London now? What do you like about it?
Yes I do. In comparison to Denmark and Copenhagen, where I grew up, I think the diversity in London is particularly interesting. I like that people look different and aren’t afraid of looking different.

What motivates you?
Lots of things really. But I think my friends and family are the most important factors when it comes to reflection and motivation. I’m always very inspired and amazed by my friends and their different views on things. Not only the people I know within my own field, but also friends from other areas and backgrounds.

Does your diverse background influence the way you dress?
I’d like to say yes. But to be honest I probably dress like a standard Danish person…

That’s no bad thing. What do you think it is about the Scandinavian aesthetic that makes it so covetable?
I think it’s a very hard question to answer without writing a whole piece on it, but I believe that most of the clichés are true. Things like simplicity, function and craftsmanship.

What’s your favourite thing about Scandi culture?
Clothes and food in reverse order. Also the down-to-earth attitude. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a very big difference from Copenhagen to Stockholm for instance…