Our Buttons


A short 30 minute drive from Venice, Italy, there is a place close to our hearts; the place that cuts, shapes, dyes and ultimately produce our beloved buttons. This particular factory is well-known in the industry for its meticulous quality control and high quality wares. It is also the first factory in Europe ever to use the Corozo nut to make buttons, a nut known throughout the centuries as the Vegetable Ivory.

One of our big aims here at Wax is to do well by doing good, whether that means giving back through charities or choosing methods which are kind to our planet -and our Corozo button fulfils that aim perfectly.

The Corozo nut itself grows on the Tagua Palm which is native to Ecuador and falls naturally from the tree, which means there is no need to cut any of the palms and thus preserving the forest. It makes an exceptional eco-friendly alternative to the more popular button standards of plastic and horn.

After falling from the tree, the nut is collected and placed to dry on a sunny courtyard next to the factory. Usual industry practice is to chemically blanch the buttons, a procedure which can leave a harmful footprint on the environment, however, our buttons drying- and whitening process is completely natural. Following this, the nut is sliced into so called ‘blanks’ and sent to Italy.


Once in Italy, the button get’s its shape and colour, and goes through several quality checks along the way. The eco-friendly dye highlights the Corozos beautiful, natural veins – a distinctive feature it is well known for. Lastly, the buttons are carefully lasered, branded with our name, followed by a final quality control before being packed and sent off to London.

The Ecuadorian Corozo factory is regularly visited by our Italian manufacturers, who ensure that high standards are being kept; the Ecuadorian workers receive free health care and their wages are higher than the average local salary offered. Ultimately, this ensures Wax’s own standards are met along with us being able to offer an environmentally friendly, natural product -one we are happy to put our name to. Our Corozo button come from the trees of the Amazon rainforest, travel to the east coast of Italy and finally to London where we make our outerwear.
As they say, the devil is in the detail, and we’re proud to say that our buttons are not only made by those who are the best in their field, but are also the right choice for the future of our planet.