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  • Wax London for Walkabout Foundation

  • A different type of trip…by Ben Cooper

    When photographer Ben Cooper told us about his impending tour through alpine summer-bliss (known as Chamonix to some), it’s fair to say we just a wee-bit jealous. Though work wouldn’t allow us to join, we did manage to pack his bag for him. And by that, we mean our favourite bits from the current collection.

  • Our Buttons

    A short 30 minute drive from Venice, Italy, there is a place close to our hearts; the place that cuts, shapes, dyes and ultimately produce our beloved buttons. This particular factory is well-known in the industry for its meticulous quality control and high quality wares. It is also the first factory in Europe ever to use the Corozo nut to make buttons, a nut known throughout the centuries as the Vegetable Ivory.

  • The WAX Guide to Christmas

    A Survival Guide to Silly Season

  • Made in London Bamberg Jacket

    One of our main aims here at Wax is to create job opportunities for skilled workers in the UK as well as bringing back the actual ‘making’ tradition of British outerwear back to the country.
    Our Bamberg Jackets are made right here in London and is crafted from soft, British corduroy cloth in the shades of Olive and Mustard. A true British product indeed, we’re proud to say.

  • Through Every Season

    Our favourite transitional pieces; garments which easily carry over each season, come rain or shine.

  • One Piece Tee

    Later this year, we will be introducing something a little unusual. Unlike a regular T-shirt sewn together of four pieces of fabric, our One-Piece-Tee is made entirely out of a single piece of fabric, folded and sewn together to make two sleeves and a body.

  • Mexican Skylines

    Mexican Skylines through the lens of our favourite photographer Anaick Crozon

  • Burnt Orange

    Our Duval T-shirt is now available in a new shade of burnt orange, photographed here by Naomi Akvama in Copenhagen.

  • Essentials

    Our favourite staple pieces, photographed by Naomi Akvama.

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