Wax Festive Series - Chapter Two

Gather round and huddle up for Chapter Two of our Wax Festive Series. Last week, we introduced you to Christian (Wax Marketing Executive) – who gave his festive negroni making tips. Now, he’s passed the baton to our Operations Manager, Srivalli, and she’s here to tell the tale of what Christmas usually looks like for her, her husband and two twin kids. Growing up in a village in the south of India, Christmas Day was always spent quite differently from what she’d see in the movies. But, soon to celebrate her fifteenth year here in London, she’s excited to embrace both cultures – enjoying the sparkle of the city’s festivities, while staying true to her Hindu roots.

Read on to get to know the lovely Srivalli, as well as her secret santa Wax wishlist.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a village near Bangalore in the south of India, and moved here fifteen years ago, after I got married.

What was Christmas Day like in India?

So, I’m actually Hindu but I was studying in a Christian boarding school, so we would go to church every Sunday and on Christmas Day, we’d sing carols, have good food and do a nativity play. That’s it.

And what are you doing for Christmas this year in London?

There’s no public transport on the 25th in the UK, so we drive to London Bridge and walk along the river. It’s so quiet on Christmas Day, it’s really beautiful. We usually look at all the lights and decorations, soak in the silence! And then we go home and have lunch or dinner with friends. Not your usual Christmas dinner, but something like chicken curry, rich and biryani, and we’ll watch a couple of Christmas movies.

Are you going to put up any Christmas decorations for it?

Not quite. I wanted to put up a Christmas tree for the kids – because for all the fifteen years I’ve been here, we’ve never had one – but my son has just turned three-years-old and he’s a bit troublesome. I’m worried he’ll probably pull the baubles down! Next year, hopefully…

What are you looking forward to the most in the New Year?

I can’t wait to finish my Diploma in Procurement & Supply… Six modules down, two to go! The kids will both be turning four as well, so I’m excited to be able to spend more time on myself.

What’s on your Wax wishlist?

Hmm… Everything, please? But in particular, I love the Cupar Knit (Natural) and Cotswold Knit (Hunter Green). I really love the colours, and the fact they’re made from 100% Lambs wool. They’re not only understated, but super soft and perfect for winter.