Wax Festive Series - Chapter One

London’s much like a mosaic – behind each door lives a different story. Rich in heart, soul and flavour, it sparkles with diversity. And on Christmas Day, those homes light up into their own worlds. That’s what makes our city shine so bright. With wide eyes and an ever-young spirit, it’s a place of constant inspiration and creativity.

Welcome to the Wax Festive Series: our chance to draw back the shutters and show you a bit of what makes us us. Get to know the team, as they explain how they’ll be spending their time this Christmas. It’s touching to hear how the people we’re the closest to can celebrate (or not celebrate) the same day so differently, depending on their roots.

Starting things off, here’s our Marketing Executive, Christian (hand drawn by Creative Director, Steffy). Read on as he explains how to make the perfect festive negroni, as well as what’s on his Wax wishlist.

What are you doing for Christmas this year?

It’s going to be quite a quiet one this year – so just me, my mum and step dad, my brother, sister and one of my cousins. Just the six of us at home. Nice and simple.

What’s on the menu?

The full turkey works. Sprouts, pigs in blankets, roasties, bread sauce (my favourite!) and veg.

Do you have any duties on Christmas day?

They keep me out of the kitchen, but I’ll quite often make a round of negronis – and I’m always in charge of laying the table.

What’s your go-to negroni recipe, and what’s playing while you’re making it?

Michael Buble’s Christmas album’s playing while I’m making them, and the recipe’s super simple.
1 part Campari
1 part Gin
1 part Vermouth
2 cubes of ice
Orange slice on the glass rim (most important)
Aaand, shake!

Have you got any New Years resolutions for 2022?

I never really have any, but I do want to get my commute time down – so, maybe improve my cycling.

Is there anything you’d like to change about Christmas?

I want Christmas Day to be two days, so I can see all the family properly. And to get rid of the concept of wrapping presents, as it’s super wasteful. You should be able to just reveal your presents when you give them to each other, or do hide ‘n’ seek, that would be quite sick.

What’s on your Wax wishlist?

Marine Beatnik Whiting overshirt, orange Knit Hat beanie, as it’s so comfy and warm for this time of year. The Pleat Trouser Midnight – love the pleated style…