There's More To Our T-Shirts Than You Think

Wanna Know A (Not So Secret) Secret?

We’ve got a confession to make. Despite the fact we’re a London-based label, inspired by the streets that surround us every day – many of our clothes have been made elsewhere, in other countries around the world. But there’s good reason for that. Simply put, we want to make the best product possible – for you, our employees and the planet.

There’s More To Our T-Shirts Than You Think

Made ethically and sustainably in order to ensure unbeatable quality, longevity and durability, we are committed to sourcing the best fabrics going – most of which aren’t available in Britain. We’re selective. Meticulously so. Take our tees, for example. Although we design them here in London Town, they’re man-made by Echo Sourcing, a Bangladesh-based partner we personally selected due to the committed love and care they share for their employees.

Shouts To Echo

In fact, the working conditions at Echo are second-to-none. Look them up! Not only are their workers given benefits like family medical care, free creches and complementary meals, but they’re given an actually decent, fair living wage so their workers can live the lives they want with ease. Sounds obvious – but apparently not, according to a large majority of the industry. So, to all you brands and labels not yet following suit – here’s to making a change for the good, step-by-step. For the people, for the planet, for you, us and them.

See our classic Dean and Reid t-shirts produced by Echo below, as well as our all new jersey collection.

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