The Whiting Overshirt: Friendly Fabrics In Focus


Fondly named after co-founder Tom’s grandad, the Whiting overshirt is part of our DNA. From the sourcing of our recycled organic yarns to the way in which they’re thread, every single reiteration of the Whiting shirt is made with love, care and affection. We wouldn’t put our name on it otherwise.


Family-run, like us, we chose the mill we use for a reason. We share the same core values as they do – and, despite the fact they’ve been going since 1830, they couldn’t be more future-facing. Meticulous to every degree, they use advanced technology to trace their environmental impact, which they share back to us, and us to you. Saving the planet’s a group effort, after all. And it’s this kind of transparency that’s needed to turn ripples into great waves – so it’s not just the small independent companies making a difference, but the multi-conglomerates too.

Tomorrow… Starting Now

Still based where they began, close to the French Alps, 25% of their electricity is sourced locally from hydroelectric dams, their heating is powered by fossil fuel free compressors – and as a result, within the last fifteen years, they’ve been able to halve their overall electrical consumption. With headstrong determination, curiosity and gentle, light feet, they’re on a mission to reduce their footprint, step by step.

Much like our friends in France, we’re definitely not done yet. Heavy-hearted with love for our home, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve as a company. But with tenderness, togetherness and that decent dash of nowness, we’re doing it with eyes bright and smiles all round. Push for goodness, and the world’s not bad. Push for greatness, and it’s your playing field. Let’s just make it a green one, eh? D’accord! On y va!

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