Sustainably Sourced: A Deep Dive

Dyes Made Eco-Friendly

Visit our studio, and you’ll notice one thing – we’re rarely sitting still. Why? Simply put, we care. We care about you, we care about our employees and we care about the environment. So, no matter what we’re making, how we’re making it or where we’re sourcing our materials from, our starting line remains strictly the same: on a hellbent mission to stay consciously sustainable.

For The People

Take our dyes, for instance. At Wax, we ask all of our suppliers to be OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified – a globally standardised, independent mark of quality for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products from all stages of production – testing for several hundred harmful chemicals, like pesticides, carcinogenic colourants and heavy metals – all of which could determine your health.

For The Planet

There’s always more we can do. Our yarns, for example, are organic, ethically sourced and recycled whenever possible – and our buttons are made from eco-friendly corozo nuts. It would be easier to use plastic, of course, but we’re not about shortcuts. Forever going that extra mile, we weren’t kidding about never sitting still. We’re for the future, so let’s get things moving. No time like the present, hey?

Fancy learning more about our values? Give our Integrity Initiative a read, where we go into greater depth on how every detail counts. From recycling, shipping, keeping things organic, packaging and managing waste.

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